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Shanghai Synth Chemical Co.,ltd.

API & Pharmaceutical Intermediates &Herb Extract & Synthetic Chemical customized
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About us
Shanghai Synth Chemical Co., a professional chemical company located in Shanghai China.
At present the company's products are mainly applied to the field of pharmaceutical products,food nutrition,steroid hormone & fine chemicals.
Pharmaceutical products:including pharmaceutical API, various pharmaceutical intermediates, most of the products are in line with the EP, USP and other international standards.

Food nutrition:including sweeteners, sour supplements, vitamins, amino acids, herbal extracts and other food ingredients, all products are strictly in accordance with international standards of universal food production;

Steroid hormone:Including Estrone,Estradiol,Testosterone,Corticosterone,Diosgenin,hormone peptides & comstic peptides,etc.

Fine Chemical:Nitroethane,Benzaldehyde,Phenylacetonitrile,etc. Propiophenonen Series,Acetone series,Chlorhexidine Series,etc.

We also have lab for making various synthetic chemicals,we accept customized items.